Christmas Lighting

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It’s the holidays, folks, that most wonderful time of the year when millions of families get our ornaments, twinkling lights and motorized Santas from the loft or garage and get ready to tackle that favourite December pastime: DECORATING OUR HOME!! While Christmas decorating is all about adding fun, sparkle and warmth to a very special [...]

Electrical Safety at Work / in the Office

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Is my Electrical Equipment Safe? You can find out whether your electrical equipment is safe is by carring out suitable checks / inspections depending on your circumstances. The type and extent of your inspection should depend on a few factors, including: The level of risk involved When the equipment was previously inspected / [...]

Is PAT Testing Important?

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YES! PAT testing is important as it involves the safety of everybody in your workplace! Portable appliance testing, more commonly know as PAT Testing is the term used to describe the examination of electrical appliances and equipment. The purpose of PAT Testing is to ensure that electrical equipment is safe to use. PAT [...]