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Burglar Alarms

Burglar Alarm System supply and installation Liverpool, Merseyside

Call on Arc Electrical Contractors in Liverpool, Merseyside, for a range of burglar alarms that protect you and your property. Our team of professional electricians are able to supply and fit the best burglar alarm to suit your needs.

Domestic & Commercial Electrician

Bell-Only Alarms

Consider an effective alarm system for your business premises or home. Arc Electrical Contractors installs bell-only alarms, also known as audible-only alarms. A bell-only alarm deters intruders and alerts your neighbours as it emits a noise from external and internal sounders when they are triggered.

Personal Attack Alarms

Protect yourself with this invaluable piece of equipment. A personal attack alarm, or panic attack alarm, helps to summon immediate aid when you are attacked or feel threatened by an intruder in your home or business. You can choose to have these devices integrated into the burglar alarm and connected to ARC for police response in the event of an emergency.

Monitored Alarms

Take advantage of an alarm monitoring system that notifies the police to attend. We install monitored alarms connected to these alarm receiving centres (ARC) via a telephone line or radio network.

The ARC monitors the alarm signals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and alerts the key holders and the police as necessary. Our combined monitoring and maintenance service charge starts from just £20 a month. Contact us today to discuss which product would be suitable for you.

Speech Dialler

Get a plea for help to a chosen contact in an emergency. Connecting a speech dialler to your burglar alarm system allows you to send voice messages to any telephone number you wish in a time of crisis.

The speech dialler may be installed as a standalone, attached to the alarm, or built in to the control panel. You may use this device for any telephone number but it will not qualify for a police response.

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